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YDP stands for Young Dancer Program and is designed for our tiny dancers in mind. Classes range from 3-5 years of age and cover multiple styles of dance, giving flexibility to the busy family and inspiration to the child who loves to move.

"Shining Stars" (age 3-4) focuses on teaching creative movement and various basic dance skills. This class also covers the basics of Ballet and Creative Movement.

"Gold Stars" (age 5-6) builds upon the knowledge learned in Shining Stars. This class also works on flexibility, strength, and rhythm. This class covers a basic knowledge of Ballet, and Creative Movement.

The following "YDP" classes cover individual styles and prepares young dancers to enter our Level 1 class, which begins at age 7: 

YDP Acro (age5-6), YDP Advanced Ballet (age 5-6), YDP Ballet (age 5-6) YDP Tap (age 5-6)

**Teacher approval is REQUIRED for students to enter a regular level class prior to age the requirement.

Young Dancer Program (YDP)

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