Young Dancer Program (YDP)

YDP Program stands for Young Dancer Program and is designed for our tiny dancers in mind. Classes range from 2-5 years of age and covers multiple styles of dance, giving flexibility to the busy family and inspiration to the child who loves to dance.

Tiny Stars (age 2-3) encourages dancers to experience a group class setting all while learning dance movement basics including direction, spatial awareness, space and energy, time and more,.

Shining Stars (age 3) focuses on teaching creative movement and various basic dance skills. This class also covers the basics of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Acro.

Gold Stars (age 4-5) builds upon the knowledge learned in the previous YDP classes. This class also works on flexibility, strength, and rhythm. This class covers a basic knowledge of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Acro.

The following YDP classes cover individual styles and prepares young dancers to enter our Level 1 class, which begins at age 6: YDP Acro (age4-5) YDP Ballet (age 4-5) YDP Tap (age 4-5) YDP Jazz/MT (age 4-5)

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